Some Useful Religion Related Sites

Premier Radio

Church Times Christian Herald

Evangelical Alliance

The Greenbelt site Internet Christian Bookshop

Christian Business Directory

Christian Classic books

Eating Disorders resources by Christine Lewis - (also try the Renfrew Centre on eating disorders)

Christian Faith Ministries at Runnymede

London Bible College

Institute for Christian Leadership


Pewsaction (Charismatic)
Evangelical Anglican Fellowship
Episcopal/Anglican ministries
Faith Alive: Anglican renewal
Anglicans Online
Anglican and Episcopal Links
Anglican Youth Resources


The DOOR (satirical mag)
Worldwide Challenge (CCC)
Charisma and Christian Life
Eternity Magazine
Voice of the Vineyard
The Remnant: Revival News
Ministries Today

Spread the Fire(TACF)
Christianity Online(several)
Discipleship Journal
Christian Contemporary Music
Christian Youth News
Student Leadership Journal (IVF)


Commitment Level Youth Ministry
Youth Specialities (USA)
Anglican Youth Resources
Youth South Africa

Christian Youth News Online
Christian Youth News
Soul Survivor


Worship Warrior Newsletters
Worship Resource Center (GRMI)
Worship chat room
Worship Leaders Homepage
Lutheran resources for Worship
Hillsongs Australia
CCLI top 25
CCLI copyright search
Soul Survivor Contacts
Trinity Audio and Lighting
Cross Rhythms UK
Hymn Stories
Prophetic Worship
Worship Resources
Worship Together
Grace Music @ Metro Kansas
Praise & Worship Archives
Whole hearted worship (+small group)
Christian guitar tab site
Alphabetical Song List
Christian guitar tab site
Worship resources

Vineyard Music
Vineyard Music SA
Cyber Hymnal
Jack's Hymn Stories
Jack's Harmonica Page!
Manual for Worship Leaders
Praise & Worship Songs
Christmas Resources
Worship Assistant Software
Random church humour
UK Online Worship Net

Art Resources:
Center for creative ministry
Communication Resources
Kingdom Quest SA
The Heart Gallery (Illustrations)
Cartoons and Illustrations
Christian Illustrations


Pioneer Trust Home Page
The Catholic Internet SA
Vineyard International

Willow Creek Community
Jubilee Christian Church
Landover Baptist (SATIRE!)


Bible Truths (studies, articles)
Sermons from Crossways
Champaign Vineyard Papers
Blue Letter Bible (Online KJV)
Perseus Project (Greek lectionary)
The Christian Theology Page
Virtual Bibles
Christian Articles Archive
Small group lifelines
Discipleship studies
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
The Preaching Journal
Sermon Illustrations
Sermons & Lectionary Resources
Catch The Fire talk summaries
Biola Christian U. database
Liberty University Library

Christianity Online
Miami CU: Virtual Library
Answers to Tough Questions
Christian Answers
How to know (guidance)
The Living Word Library
Temple Builders Ministries
Come let us reason together
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Lambert's Library
Biblical Studies Foundation
Christian Online Resource Index
The Bible Commentary Page
The Feasts of Israel
The Doctrine of Grace
Bible Class.Com


Christians for Biblical equality
Religion News Service
The Christian Link
2000 AD: Christian Millenium site
Truth and reconciliation commission
C.S. Lewis site
Alpha Homepage (HTB)
Jews for Jesus (USA)
Small Group Network
Christianity Online
Truepath Cool Community for Christ
African Christian links
Christian Network Links for Africa
All-in-One Christian Index
God's Place
Handprints - childrens ministry

The Cell Church Site
InterNet Evangelism & Teaching
Christ for all nations (Bonnke)
The blessings page
Brownsville Revival news
Gospel Communications Network
Global Resource Ministries
International Revival Network
Christian Community Network
The Remnant
Ellel Ministries
Barbara Richmond's story
Society of Archbishop Justus
Focus on the Family
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Centre for Rural Mission
The Invisible Connection
Rural Evangelism network


Impact Online - Hatfield, Pretoria
Acorn music, UK - free postage!
The Christian Link

Christian Books on the Net
CyberGrace.Com links ++