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The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.
--Bertrand Russell

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Organisation Name: European College of Hypnotherapy
Address: 5 Schroder Court

Town: Egham 
Postcode: TW20 0EH
Contact #1:Dr. Keith Hearne
Phone: 01784 479930
Business Category: Hypnotherapy
General details: Hypnotherapy is of course widely accepted today, and used very successfully for the alleviation and cure of many different problems such as long held phobias, weight control, giving up smoking, improving self-esteem, reducing stress, enhancing performance, dealing with traumas, and so on. Principal & Founder: Dr. Keith Hearne BSc MSc PhD The GHSC validation board has awarded Dr Hearne the Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP) page The 1993 British Medical Association report 'Complementary Medicine - new approaches to good practice' expressed a positive interest in hypnotherapy from the medical profession. Life-changing results can be achieved, and the power that brings about such change is within the unconscious - which is our friend, guide and adviser. However, the unconscious sometimes has a 'different agenda' to that of the conscious mind and the physical body, and this is where hypnotherapy is used to regain unity and harmony. When you become a student with us, we not only train you in hypnotherapy to proud professional levels of excellence, but we care too for your self-development and encourage a seeking of inner understanding, so that you will be: better able to cope with relationships, better able to deal with stress, and better able to think of yourself as a success. You yourself can become more focused, more happy, and more relaxed. The College sees itself at the vanguard of introducing new techniques into hypnotherapy. Its Principal, Dr Keith Hearne, has devised several new methods including the conversion of nightmares into pleasant lucid dreams, a way of externalising hypnotic imagery (hypno-oneirography), new pain - control procedures, a 'micro-IMR' system, and the concept of the virtual self. He also discovered the association-pathway in incremental regression. Articles about these techniques have appeared in several journals and popular magazines recently, including Positive Health and Kindred Spirit. Research constantly continues.

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