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[26/03/2004 - 12:15:15 AM]
Club : moustache club
Company : tesco

Hi, I'm chrispin and I love addlestone. do you know how much I love addleston, it makes me cry of happiness when I think of the days when I grew up here as a child. I go to the community centre in addlestone and have afternoon dances with a lovely woman called mavis and we play bridge all day. she's a hell of a bridge player, she wiped the floor with me yesterday. I also go the mill pond with my very best friend matt, and we fish there all the time in the summer. I think this is my very best part of addlestone. it gets me away from the hustle and bustle of addlestone life. its so busy sometimes it makes me dizzy. i think this town really has a grat community and i'd love to thank everyone in addlestone. I'd also like to thank everyone at darley dene school because they teach my grandson, and they have opened a new door into his life. A great town, a great life brilliant people. I love addlestone.

[09/12/2003 - 08:44:19 AM]
City : Pardubice, Czech republic

Hello Addlestone, I was happy to live here (in spring to summer 1997 or so) as an au-pair in Bruce-Hay's family. I'm still happy that thay accepted me and that we together enjoyed great times ! I hope they still live in your calm town - it's worth it.

[07/12/2003 - 03:07:55 AM]
City : Helsingborg, Sweden

Hello I lived in 2a Franklands drive 1999-2000 then I moved back to Sweden. I`m looking for a very good friend called Caroline Belton. What can I do to find her? Please can someone help me? Thanks =)

[02/12/2003 - 03:19:10 PM]

I lived in Bourneside Road until 1953 when my parents moved away. Although it was such a long time ago I have many happy memories of an idyllic childhood. Picking blackberries, fishing for sticklebacks and of course the Coronation celebrations on the Green. Happy days!

[19/11/2003 - 01:59:33 PM]

Born in Woking, but rasied in Addlestone. (Lime grove, then Chapel Avenue) I left when I was about 17/18 (1977-78)and never really lived there afterwards, just short visits. I remember the discussions about building the M25, and that it took half of the playing fields of St Annes, all those years ago. If anyone recalls my name I'd be delighted to chat.

[07/11/2003 - 09:53:43 AM]

I was in "Ashdene" a children's home in Englefield-Green Surrey from 1946-1954. I know that several other old girls who were in there at about the same time, came from here and the surronding area. I would like to hear from them if the remember me . the Magee sisters,Christine Leighton,Pat Perry Jacqueline Smith to name just a few. My sister Virginia was also there with me.

Philip Anderson [22/08/2003 - 03:59:24 PM]
City : Addlestone,
Company : Addlestone Rock

Hey I love the website, it's kinda cool. Love living here, love the website. simple as. Keep up the good work y'all! X

http://www.face-pic.com/sophie_d24 [27/06/2003 - 11:55:34 AM]

Hello. My name is Sophie Michelle Dickerson. This site has aided me enormously with my geography project. My project is sooooo interesting. If you care to contact me, I will tell you all about it! Also, if you are a relative of mine please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Hoping to hear from you soon, I love Addlestone!

[27/06/2003 - 09:06:40 AM]

Hello. I was born and raised in Addlestone but moved to Norfolk when I was 18. I had always loved the countryside life more than town life but now I have what I wanted, I miss Addlestone! If you knew me, please please please contact me! I will be in Addlestone from the 2nd - 16th August and would love to meet up with old friends. I am now 24 and thinking of moving back to Addlestone for good. :)

[27/06/2003 - 09:03:33 AM]

I am very glad to see so many people looking after the environment of Addlestone. Only yesterday I was walking my dogs by Mill Pond and i saw some 10 year olds picking up ribbish with little pickers. They looked so happy doing that and I know they were laughing and joking but it is so nice to know that future generations are looking after our beautiful little town. Thank you for reading this. Deanna C. Jones
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