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--George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

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Organisation Name: The Paul Hobbs Consultancy Ltd.
Address: Greystones
Medlake Road

Postcode: TW208HU
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Contact #1:Mr Paul Hobbs
Phone: 01784440404
Business Category: Mind management
General details:

Paul Scheele, of Learning Strategies applied the principles of Accelerated Learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to reading. Based in Minnesota, USA, Paul Scheele realised that traditional reading was primarily a left brain skill. Whilst Speed Reading may use both left and right hand brains, the power of the non-conscious mind remains untapped. Research, in this area, particularly that of Dr. Georgi Lazonov and Norman Dixon, has shown that we absorb information far more effectively through peripheral and subliminal inputs than via the alert, conscious, brain. Also, the idea of 'mental photographing' was not new as Subliminal Dynamics, based in Nevada, have been training in this area for some time. By observing really fast readers and studying what they did that was different, Paul recognised that he was witnessing a different approach to reading. Using his knowledge as a Master Practitioner in NLP Paul started to model these expert readers. Putting all this research into improving reading speeds, Scheele developed a way of processing written material at speeds of 25,000 words per minute. This is Photo-Reading. Paul Hobbs met Paul Scheele when both were guest speakers at the International Conference of the American Society for Accelerated Learning and Training (SALT) in Minneapolis in 1992. PH was impressed with PS's presentation on Photo-Reading and, as a member of the executive committee of The Society for Effective and Affective Learning (SEAL), won an invitation for PS to present at SEAL's International Conference the following year. Paul Scheele took the SEAL Conference by storm and such was the response that PS asked PH to bring a Photo-Reading trainer over to run a full course in the UK. This occurred in September 1993 when some 30 participants took part in the first Photo-Reading course in the UK. Paul McKenna, the famous hypnotist and TV entertainer, asked PH to give him some personal tuition on Photo-Reading. This, it was later realised, was part of his research into the documentary Paul McKenna's Secrets of Hypnosis, broadcast in March 1995. During the documentary Paul McKenna demonstrated reading off a monitor at 640,000 words per minute. When questioned on the content of what he had read he scored an unbelievable 73%. Paul Scheele ran his first course in the UK in April 1995 when he was asked to run a programme for The Paul Hobbs Consultancy whilst on a return visit to the SEAL Conference. The additional publicity from Paul McKenna's programme contributed to a truly International audience which included: 4 Hungarians; 3 Germans; 2 Greeks plus participants from France, The Netherlands, Finland, Kuwait and Argentina. The group was made up to 45 with resident Americans and Brits. Their ages ranged from 14 to 60+ and it was pleasing to have Paul McKenna join us for Part 1. Before his return to the US the future of Photo-Reading in the UK was discussed and PH explained why it was uneconomic to continue his sponsorship. PH stressed that without some form of financial understanding from Learning Strategies, rather than see the technique lost to this country, he would develop his own version. There was no such understanding from Learning Strategies and so Quantum Reading was born. Quantum Reading was developed using some of the concepts from Photo-Reading. These were adapted and merged with other advanced reading skills already unique to The Paul Hobbs Consultancy. With the course structured using the principles of accelerated learning and the overt application of NLP, Quantum Reading is the ultimate reading experience. The first Quantum Reading course ran in August 1995 when the Paddington NLP Practice Group offered themselves as guinea pigs. The course was attended by 30 students and was the first of five to run that autumn to test and validate the training. Over 100 students attended the validation programme and they supplied invaluable data and feedback. In the spring of 1996 another five courses were scheduled and these consolidated the feedback from the validation programme. A unique feature was the introduction of a 3-day Special for those with NLP experience. The courses continue the concept of continuos improvement as feedback is always welcome and incorporated where beneficial. Paul Hobbs acknowledges the contribution to advanced reading made by Paul Scheele and wishes to give credit where it is due. Although PS would prefer we stay with Photo-Reading, rather than develop Quantum Reading, the realities of the situation have been recognised. In respect to Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies, Quantum Reading does not breach their copyright, infringe their trademark, use or otherwise copy or plagiarise their material. This article was written and included in the course notes to ensure there is no confusion in the minds of participants as to how Quantum Reading was developed and to state and clarify that The Paul Hobbs Consultancy and Learning Strategies are two independent organisations. No relationship is intended or implied. Quantum Reading and Photo-Reading are two very different programmes using similar techniques to achieve improved reading skills.


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